Almost for Albania, the platform open to everyone without a deadline, as they have applied so far

Almost for Albania, the platform open to everyone without a deadline, as they

All those with education inside and outside the country, can apply to become part of the Ready For Albania platform, to be part of the government with their ideas and projects contributing to Education. Deputy Minister of Education Bora Muzhaqi showed the figures how many have applied, while calling on young people that anyone with ideas and projects can become part at any time at this address: https://gatipershqiperine.al/

Bora Muzhaqi: All experts in various fields willing to contribute, are invited and welcome to join. The reaction we had from capable Albanians who have succeeded, inside and outside the country, made us turn this into an official program.

I will lead this strategic program. I have returned myself from abroad to contribute and I am privileged to open the doors to many others who have the courage to return to Albania. There has been a lot of interest from young men and women, turning or working remotely. Open program indefinitely, anyone who will contribute can write to us, each application will be viewed with maximum commitment. It is now open to everyone, anyone interested can apply at any time.

The platform is online and live. Until yesterday, 701 applications were registered, from various fields 154 economic sciences, 118 exact sciences, medicine with 82 applicants, 77 information technology, 73 social sciences. And in other areas. 51% live abroad, 49% are currently in Albania, but with academic training in the country and abroad, we conducted 17 hearings, 483 applicants participated. We are planning inclusion spaces and working with the administration on a draft reform for a hybrid administration.

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