The Eagle forces are on the road due to bad weather

The Eagle forces are on the road due to bad weather

The Traffic Police and the Eagle Forces have come to the field due to bad weather. Checks have been added, but also readiness for any traveler who will need help. In the areas of the Northern edge, Tamare, Vermosh and in the southeast, the villages of Korça, the snow has aggravated the traffic situation.

The Eagle forces are on the road due to bad weather

Police Notification:

Bad weather in the country, Police services on the ground and on standby, to come to the aid of drivers and citizens, in case of need. Traffic Police Services, on all the country's roads, to manage traffic and guide drivers, in order to prevent road accidents.

The services of the "Eagle" Special Force, the general patrols and the Rapid Intervention Forces are also on standby. In addition, SPZs are distributed in the areas and are in constant contact with the mayors of the villages and with the administrators of the administrative units.

The State Police appeals to all drivers of vehicles and motorcycles to strictly respect road signs, moderate speed, wear seat belts, do not use mobile phones while driving, and do not make wrong passes.

Drivers of vehicles and motorcycles should strictly follow and implement the instructions of the Traffic Police and call the number 112, for the problems they may encounter during the difficult journey due to bad weather. All roads are monitored by smart cars, automatic radars and mobile patrols of the Road Police, with non-uniform vehicles, with the sole purpose of preventing road accidents.