Fixed at all: Have you thought about the replacement, Rama: In progress

Fixed at all: Have you thought about the replacement, Rama: In progress

Prime Minister Edi Rama was asked in Fiks Fare about his replacement, who will succeed him at the helm of the Socialist Party. Edi Rama said that he is thinking. Rama answered a series of questions which also had humor inside.

Excerpts from the interview:

-What's your name?

Edvin was given to me by my grandmother and when I was a little older, I said why should I keep the name that others gave me, I put the name myself and I have Edi.

Did you hold the mask before the mask came out? The intelligentsia understands

This mask no, yes another mask yes. But why don't you wear a mask?

What mask did you wear?

What about the mask you come in and you here who do as humorists?

Rama; Put in the kettle and clean the kettle.

Do you still have institutional relations with the president?

I do not have the relationship because I am waiting for the brandy to come out, but it does not come out and you give it because you want galas.

Isn't it time to meet again and eat eel?

Will we deal with that? Go back to the screen and say listen to the girl do not drink and go home.

Have you kept your promises as Prime Minister?

Not all.

Didn't you get tired for 8 years? You will stay and 4

But why would I get tired?

Do you sincerely love Basha?

Definitely love it, why not look? It feels.

Who do you love more Joe Biden, Macron, Merkel or Erdogan

I love everyone, everyone you mentioned to me.

Erdogan a little more?

I love everyone

Are you a dictator or a democrat in the party?

But why at the party? Are you a dictator at home and a democrat abroad?

How many deputies will you get?

74-78. It does not decrease at all, ok 74-77, 74-76. so

You called on Basha for cooperation, but to be separated from Berisha

Even from… let's our father (Illyrian) is coming

Where are there more communists in PD or SP?

Of course there is more in Lalzi Bay.

Have you thought about a replacement?

In thought.

Are you ready to sacrifice children and family like him? (Meta)?

How can the family and the child be sacrificed for your whims that you call a revolution, in no case is it sacrificed. When you are cork all day you sacrifice everything.

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