Holidays and bad weather put the State Police on alert

Holidays and bad weather put the State Police on alert

From the evening of November 25, the State Police was on full alert.

Due to the bad weather, but also the holidays, the readiness will last until November 30.

Through an official announcement, the blue uniforms announce the decision in the interest of order and security.

Full Police Notice:

State Police/On reinforced alert, from the evening of November 25 to November 30.

Special measures, in cooperation with the local authorities, to guarantee the smooth running of the activities that will take place on the occasion of the November holidays.

Based on the situation created on the evening of November 25, due to the bad weather, the State Police switched to reinforced alertness, increasing the presence of the Road Police and Order services, on urban, interurban and rural road axes, with the aim preventing road accidents and helping road users, in case of need.

In this context, the State Police services, throughout the evening of November 25, on many roads of the country, have helped dozens of citizens, who were blocked as a result of heavy snowfall, by evacuating them with vehicles. of high throughput and sending them to their destinations.

The preparedness and reinforced service will continue until November 30, in order to guarantee order and security in all the squares and premises where celebrations will take place.

The Traffic Police and Order Services are collaborating with the municipal police to monitor the streets and squares that will be blocked for celebrations. Meanwhile, the Criminal Police has increased vigilance and is cooperating with other law enforcement agencies.

Also, measures have been taken to prevent noise pollution caused by the uncontrolled use and in violation of the provisions of the law, of fireworks and other pyrotechnic items, for festive purposes.

At the same time, measures have been taken at all border crossing points and at the green border, to prevent and attack attempts at border crimes.

The State Police assures the citizens that it is fully committed to guarantee order and security. For any case of illegality or the need for help, call 112 or contact the Police officers, who are on the streets, squares and everywhere.