What is the new court map and why are lawyers protesting

What is the new court map and why are lawyers protesting

The new court map approved by the High Judicial Council has been opposed by the Chamber of Advocates, as according to them it violates human rights and violates access to justice. The next day the lawyers will launch a strike to oppose this reform, which consists of halving the courts in the country.

What exactly is the new court map?

The new court map provides that there will be 13 courts of first instance, 2 administrative courts and 1 appellate court for the whole country. With the new decision, the courts in Tropoja, Kruja, Lushnje, Pogradec, Mat, Përmet, Kurbin, Kavaja, Puka are merged.

Why are lawyers protesting

From tomorrow, the lawyers will go on strike and boycott the court hearings for four days, in opposition to the new court map.

"This decision severely violates and limits the access to justice of the individual, as well as the process of realization of protection in criminal, civil and administrative silences. We regret to find that this decision is consistent and in support of a number of violations found in criminal proceedings. civil and administrative courts in all levels.

This decision openly ignored all the problems and arguments put forward by the governing bodies of the Central and local Chambers during the process of discussing the draft at the national level, a fact which clearly showed the formality, prejudice and abuse in not considering the opinion of interest groups, including the Albanian Chamber of Advocates as one of the main actors in the process of administering justice ", it is said in the reaction of the Chamber of Advocates.

Reaction of the Minister of Justice Ulsi Manja

In a statement, Minister Manja stressed that the new court map is in line with the justice reform package. Manja appeals to lawyers to reflect on their decision to boycott court hearings on the new court map.

"Lawyers are an important interest group that guarantees the smooth running of the due process of justice in the chain of the justice system and as such have been consulted with the draft court map during the public consultation phase. Some valuable suggestions that have also come from advocacy have been considered, which are reflected in the draft, but the judicial reorganization is the responsibility of the High Judicial Council as the government of the judiciary and the Ministry of Justice. New court map, referring to European standards ", the implementation of the new laws of the Justice Reform and the state of the justice system, creates the right balance between citizens' access to justice and the efficiency of the judicial system", the minister declares.