Lei Kraja also wears the Euronews jersey!

Lei Kraja also wears the Euronews jersey!

Euronews Albania continues to make news with sensational "purchases" and the 11 TV icons it is building from month to month are making it more and more competitive in the "championship" of the Albanian media. The latest "player" to join this winning team is Lei Kraja, sports moderator, who will present this summer, alongside sports journalist Jurgen Zela, the show "EuroGame", dedicated to the European Championship, Euro 2020, which due to pandemic is being played in 2021.

On June 11, at 11 pm, guests at "EuroGame" will discuss the emotions of matches where 11 players of one nation have faced 11 opponents of another nation.

The spectacle is conceived as a broadcast divided into two time zones, adapting to the time of the matches to be played throughout the day and dinner. It will start at 20:00 and end at 00:00. Eurogame will bring the most important information throughout the championship, through studio guests, improvisation of situations that occur on the green field, as well as the atmosphere of sports fans and fan debate.

Every evening, at 20:00, EuroGame brings professional analysis from the tactical and technical point of view, through two guests, specialists in the field, who will be daily in the panel. A culminating element will be the live connections and atmosphere in different cities of Albania, Kosovo and Northern Macedonia. The three days when RMV matches will take place will bring adrenaline to the studio. Live connections with players playing in the countries where the European Championship takes place will bring an interactive dynamic through the inclusion of different characters from the world of sports.

Lei Kraja also wears the Euronews jersey!

Meanwhile, the moderator Zela is not by chance in this format, as he has been a sports journalist for a long time in EuroNews Albania. Lei Kraja is also a sports moderator with years of experience, not to mention the close connection with football, given that her father played in his youth for many years in the superior category, mainly with Vllaznia. And with this format, Lei has surely scored another goal in his father's heart, which he sees inherited from her passion for football.

The show on EuroNews Albania will reflect at every step "Euro 2021" the first major sporting event globally, after the world stopped by the covid-19 pandemic.

EuroGame is called the next "virus" that is expected to "infect" millions of Albanians and that there is no vaccine to stop it!