DW: Albania's paradox with electricity, buy it expensive and sell it cheap

DW: Albania's paradox with electricity, buy it expensive and sell it cheap

Albania is rich in water resources and paradoxically sells cheap electricity in the region, when there is no urgent need, and buys expensive when the country is in urgent need of electricity.

How will families and small businesses in Albania cope with the knocking out electricity supply crisis, while prices are skyrocketing?

"We depend on the rain" - said Prime Minister Edi Rama during the presentation in the media of an action plan against the energy crisis, reassuring citizens that this plan does not provide for an increase in the price of electricity for household consumers and small business and no restrictions on supply nationwide electricity.

He also presented a plan against the energy crisis, which will last until the beginning of summer 2022, and will cost 100 million euros at the end of this year and another 100 million euros at the beginning of next year that will go in favor of the Electricity Distribution Operator (OSSHE).

A place rich in water resources, but ...

Although Albania is a country rich in water resources, Albania's four most powerful hydropower plants on the Drin River, according to Prime Minister Rama, can not meet all the country's needs for electricity, so as he said we "sell cheap when the region around "There is no alarming need for energy so as not to dump hydropower water into the river or flood the planted fields. And we buy expensive electricity because we go to the market. The need for energy becomes alarming due to the drought."

As a solution Rama presented the presence of a system to hold reserve water for use in times of drought and the Skavica hydropower plant in the Drini cascade for the construction of which the Albanian Power Corporation (KESH) signed in July this year the agreement with the American corporation Bechtel . "We are building the Skavica hydropower plant, to have a collection reservoir, to keep the excess water we have today as a reserve for tomorrow when we have a drought."

According to experts, the construction of this hydropower plant will make Albania one of the largest producers of electricity in the region, increasing the production of five hydropower plants on the Drin River by 20 percent and reaching 1350 MV. Impressive figures, but that do not explain how the problem of addiction to rain will be solved, which due to climate change will surely increase.

For its part, the opposition considers the energy crisis a consequence of corruption and mismanagement.

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