The green light is on, but this coronavirus is insidious

The green light is on, but this coronavirus is insidious

Najada Çomo, who will be the SP MP in the next parliament, says that Albania is already entering a green area, regarding the coronavirus situation. In the interview for News 24 she said that this summer will be different as it is expected to have more tourists, and that the situation from Covid will improve from June onwards. But she appeals not to lack vigilance: This virus is insidious.

As a doctor of infectious diseases Najada Çomo said:

Where did we start vaccinating. We launch daily the number of vaccinated, infected and fatalities. We will be a country, I am not saying free, but we will be a country that will have a very good situation from Covid in June and after, and this is shown by the figures.

Vaccines made are the strongest weapon. Albania is entering the green zone and we wish everything to go in a positive way. The situation is not easy, but the green light is on and should be kept on. But, this is insidious virus, and one should always be careful. It is a vaccinated army in the country and especially those people, who work in hotels in key areas, i.e. where there is Covid spread.

The virus is being gradually eliminated. This is because a good part of the population has been vaccinated. The vaccination process I wish to proceed at this pace. One of the most powerful weapons in preventing disease is vaccination.

Çomo further said that Edi Rama is the right prime minister and at the right time in facing the pandemic in our country:

Prime Minister Rama has the merit to improve the situation from the coronavirus, I believe he is the right prime minister and at the right time, who gave a lot to improve the situation by Covid. We must not forget that the Albanian population, just like other populations, has other diseases. So, there are other diseases, which bring the consequence of loss of life. It is quite impossible to hide a death from Covid. It is unlikely and reason why we hide coronavirus deaths. Yes we are still at war. The population should not be afraid, but we should not lose attention. We have well-managed pandemic. We are and will be until the end in readiness for work.

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