Director of AKU: Anyone who has consumed Wudi products should go to the family doctor

Director of AKU: Anyone who has consumed Wudi products should go to the family

Jeta Deda, Director of the National Food Authority, in an interview for A2CNN, spoke about the announcement made today about the non-consumption of Wudi products, as the presence of a dangerous bacterium was found in them. Deda stated that whoever bought the products during Wudi's time should return them to the seller, while whoever consumed them should go to the family doctor.

"Yesterday evening we received the notification from the immediate notification system for food, where not only AKU is part of this system, but also homologous authorities. This announcement came yesterday and measures were immediately taken to follow up. It is an imported product and not manufactured in Albania.

This announcement is not the first that AKU has made, this is an announcement that we have undertaken to make as transparency. Who bought this product yesterday or the day before, returning it to the seller, to be disposed of properly. Anyone who has consumed these products should see a family doctor as there is a serious risk to human health. This product has come out with problems in several countries", said the director of AKU.

The announcement made by AKU:

Referring to the notification received from the RASSF system (Rapid Notification System for Food and Animal Feed), after laboratory analyzes carried out in Italy, the presence of Listeria monocytogenes STI55, constituting a risk with serious impact on human health, was found in the Woody product with numbers lots and due dates as follows:

1. Product Name: WUDY 1KG MAXIPAC;

a. LOT: 1798614; Expiration Date: 20/09/2022;

b. LOT: 1803199; Expiration Date: 21/09/2022;

c. LOT: 1820077; Expiration Date: 29/09/2022;

d. LOT: 1820665; Expiration Date: 30/09/2022;

e. LOT: 1825669; Expiration Date: 03/10/2022;

p. LOT: 1839979; Expiration Date: 10/10/2022;

g. LOT: 1846239; Expiration Date: 12/10/2022;

h. LOT: 1860349; Expiration Date: 19/10/2022;

i. LOT: 1869650; Expiration Date: 24/10/2022;

j. LOT: 1877305; Expiration Date: 27/10/2022;

k. LOT: 1877867; Expiration Date: 28/10/2022;

l. LOT: 1896612; Datë Skadence: 04/11/2022;

m. LOT: 1911738; Datë Skadence: 14/11/2022;

n. LOT: 1940129; Datë Skadence: 24/11/2022.

2. Emri i Produktit: ËUDY 250GX15 EST;

a. LOT: 1798031; Datë Skadence: 19/09/2022;

b. LOT: 1810919; Datë Skadence: 27/09/2022;

c. LOT: 1830837; Datë Skadence: 05/10/2022;

d. LOT: 1843621; Datë Skadence: 11/10/2022;

e. LOT: 1857209; Datë Skadence: 17/10/2022;

f. LOT: 1883993; Datë Skadence: 31/10/2022;

g. LOT: 1900782; Datë Skadence: 08/11/2022;

h. LOT: 1911205; Datë Skadence: 12/11/2022;

i. LOT: 1945455; Datë Skadence: 26/11/2022;

j. LOT: 1947706; Datë Skadence: 29/11/2022.

3. Emri i Produktit: ËUDY FORM.150GXEST;

a. LOT: 1798614; Datë Skadence: 20/09/2022;

b. LOT: 1817490; Datë Skadence: 28/09/2022;

c. LOT: 1830273; Datë Skadence: 04/10/2022;

d. LOT: 1839009; Datë Skadence: 07/10/2022;

e. LOT: 1852306; Datë Skadence: 14/10/2022;

f. LOT: 1873728; Datë Skadence: 26/10/2022;

g. LOT: 1888241; Datë Skadence: 02/11/2022;

h. LOT: 1852306; Datë Skadence: 14/10/2022;

i. LOT: 1906129; Datë Skadence: 10/11/2022;

j. LOT: 1929757; Datë Skadence: 22/11/2022;

k. LOT: 1947696; Datë Skadence: 29/11/2022.

4. Emri i Produktit: WUDY GR.250 X EST.;

a. LOT: 1810361; Datë Skadence: 26/09/2022;

b. LOT: 1825669; Datë Skadence: 03/10/2022;

c. LOT: 1843621; Datë Skadence: 11/10/2022;

d. LOT: 1852807; Datë Skadence: 15/10/2022;

e. LOT: 1869109; Datë Skadence: 22/10/2022;

f. LOT: 1877305; Datë Skadence: 27/10/2022;

g. LOT: 1902500; Datë Skadence: 09/11/2022;

h. LOT: 1936492; Datë Skadence: 23/11/2022;

i. LOT: 1945455; Datë Skadence: 26/11/2022.

5. Emri i Produktit: WUDY SNACK 100GX35;

a. LOT: 1952362; Datë Skadence: 20/11/2022.

The National Food Authority, immediately after the notification received from RASFF, is taking all measures through official controls on food business operators to identify, block and withdraw the product from the market.

Attention consumers! Do not consume these products, return them to the subjects where you bought them!