Would you accept money to get the vaccine? The strategy that Sweden has chosen for incentives

Would you accept money to get the vaccine? The strategy that Sweden has chosen

Various countries are finding ways to encourage citizens to get the anti-Covid vaccine, amid concerns about the high transmissibility of the Delta variant of the virus. If Greece, Italy and France are returning it with compulsion for employees as well as service restrictions for ordinary citizens, Britain has offered price reductions and free taxi services to anyone who agrees to do so. And Sweden has chosen to test another method. If you agree to get vaccinated you will receive a $ 23 coupon as an incentive to buy something at this price. But for one who does not accept would you obey so much?

Swedish scientists are trying to find out if stimuli motivate people to be vaccinated against Covid-19. Researchers at Lund University in Sweden have launched a study strategy that will test different ways to encourage vaccination, with 8,200 unvaccinated people under the age of 60 participating.

Participants were randomly assigned one of four motivation techniques. The first group was given information about the vaccines available to them - in Sweden, they are the Pfizer vaccines - BioNTech, Janssen and Moderna for under 60s.

The second group was asked to formulate an argument that they believed would persuade someone else to get the vaccine, while the third was asked to make a list of loved ones they would like to protect with the vaccine.

A fourth technique of rewarding people with money to be vaccinated was also used in some of the study participants.

The study has not yet released the results but according to economist Meier, when it comes to financial reward the effects had a slight boost.

This strategy is really supposed to motivate people who basically already want to be vaccinated, but they do not find time somehow or just think it is too much influx currently. These incentives I think work best.

But in general in Sweden there is not much opposition to vaccination, compared to other countries, such as Italy, Germany or France.

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