Ditmir Bushati: I wouldn't call it Samit, rather a joint activity!

Ditmir Bushati: I wouldn't call it Samit, rather a joint activity!

In an interview with Erla Mëhilli in Euronews Albania, former Foreign Minister Ditmir Bushati says that the Summit was not a Summit. Neither form nor content. You can read his full explanation in the article.

He also commented on Vucic, who yesterday attracted attention in Tirana by changing two points in the agreement.

According to the former minister, it was an attempt by the Serbian president to fix the black image he has in Serbia, because there are many problems there...

The inclusion of Soros in yesterday's meetings was also curious. He also gave an answer to this.

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Why it was a non-Summit activity: I would not call it a Summit, rather I would call it a joint activity because it does not meet the parameters of a Summit either from the point of view of substance or from the point of view of form. From the point of view of the form, we seem to consider that to go to a Summit, diplomats and ministers must first appear in the Ring, some commitments must be made, some misunderstandings must be cleared, the necessary compromises must be made, and finally the leaders of the states make commitments political, economic, financial and why not military. So the geography that is aimed between Southeast Europe and Ukraine plus Moldova looks like a geography that we have practiced in the format of the cooperation of Southeast countries, but it is unfortunate that despite Albania's efforts, commendable efforts, in this meeting, the inaugural activity was absent, Turkey, Greece, Romania, Slovenia, of which Turkey plays a key place in NATO, a key place in the region, while the others were at the meeting of President Macron. It is related to the participants in this format, we must be honest and fair with each other. There is talk of competing security measures, we have a set of countries participating in this activity, which have not only condemned Russia's aggression, but are also part of the Western sanctions. Meanwhile, it is Serbia, which is not part of the sanctions, but also protects the territorial integrity of Ukraine in a perfidious way, establishing parallels with NATO's intervention in Kosovo, which in fact saved Kosovars from genocide. It is also the only country from which Belgrade's flights to Moscow can depart, and it is also the only country that does not accept even the few dissidents who are left in Russia and seek salvation. We have a second order of security, which are the small countries that are members of NATO, including Albania, with a clear strategic approach. We also have countries like Kosovo, Moldova or Ukraine that, even though they are not in NATO, want to be, want to be part of the security framework that the organization offers. And in these two competing orders, there are also overlapping approaches, such as the approach of Ukraine and Moldova, which, although they have expressed their gratitude to the role of Kosovo and its Solidarity during these years, still have not taken any substantial step towards the recognition of Kosovo as a state. So this is the reality that I think today's activity took place in Tirana.

Did Vucic manage to impose himself on Tirana?

I would not read it in this angle, because the statements in such meetings or activities are the product of a compromise. So for all the participants, the signature on the document is more important than the word on that document, to create the symbolic idea that there is a process that is starting, and at this point I think we have a parallel that we cannot deny. So on the one hand we have Putin, in 2005 he said that the dissolution of BS was the biggest geopolitical catastrophe of the century and on the other hand we have a Serbia and a political establishment that does not recognize the reality after the war in the former Yugoslavia. If I am taking the example of Montenegro, I am not taking Kosovo. It is bordered by Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Kosovo and Albania. The only neighbor that has problems is Serbia. We see Kosovo, the only one with problems is Serbia. Let's take Croatia, of all the neighbors it has, the only one that has problems is Serbia. Let's take North Macedonia the same thing. Serbia has not divided its mind to be a democratic European model. The battle that will take place in Ukraine, more than for the purpose of preserving the territorial integrity of Ukraine, in the final will be important if we will have a democratic Ukraine and in case the western orientation of the country will triumph.

The participation of Soros: I just said a little while ago that it is not a summit, it is an activity, where I have the impression that the format of participation is flexible and where there may have been, as in the case of Soros, and institutions or organizations, which have a special contribution to world peace, because to my knowledge the Foundation 'For an Open Society' has created a fund for Ukraine. It may be in this context.