Youth Day / Veliaj: The Year of Youth is for everyone, in 2022 there will be no lack of support for youth projects

Youth Day / Veliaj: The Year of Youth is for everyone, in 2022 there will be no

Tirana celebrated today, December 8, Youth Day, anticipating the activities that will take place next year, under the title European Youth Capital for 2022.

Singers Marsela Çibukaj, Vitmar Basha, Arilena Ara and Edea Demaliaj were just some of the artists who performed at the Palace of Congresses, bringing back the Albanian songs of the '90s.

The Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj said that Tirana is ready to take the baton of the European Youth Capital for 2022, where there will be no lack of support for youth projects. "Tirana will be not only a space for the boys and girls of Tirana, but a space for all the boys and girls of the region, to tell you that the open Balkans and an open house is the heart that Tirana offers for each of jush. "Tirana is in the Balkans, I know that something beautiful is hardly tolerated and no one forgives success so easily, especially in politics, but the truth is that we have succeeded and we are the European Capital of Youth."

The mayor also addressed a message to young political party activists, inviting them to join the many activities that will be organized throughout 2022.

"This year of youth is for everyone, both for the left and for the right. These artistic-cultural events are for everyone. If you have a different idea propose; if you think it does the job better, run it; "If there is something you do not like, vote against, but the old style of the '90s, that we hinder each other, sabotage each other's activities in 2021 does not work," he said.

The Mayor also listed some of the strategic projects that are planned to be implemented in the capital.

"I am very proud of all those who will present the latest technological innovations and innovations. We started with the "Tumo" center, we will continue with the Pyramid and with many fantastic projects in every library, where we will focus on accommodation and digital knowledge. As we aim to be the most innovative city in our region, we will promote non-stop activities related to information technology, design and all creative knowledge ", said Veliaj.