Some schools in Albania will be closed!

Some schools in Albania will be closed!

The heavy rains that have occupied the country for almost 24 hours have forced the Ministry of Education to decide to close some schools in the most affected areas.

Minister Evis Kushi, who has also gathered the leaders of the Ministry and the regional directorates of Education about the situation, has stated that despite the fact that until now, in most of the schools, the situation is under control, from the verifications in the field, serious problems are presented in the area of the north.

Some schools in Albania will be closed!

Schools where the teaching process is suspended until the situation improves:

1- "Martin Camaj" School, Shkodër city,

2- "Agim Tafili" School, Harku i Bërdica,

3- "Prekal" school, Postribë village,

4- School "Ruzhdi Daca", Rrethinat,

5- "Mehmet Shpëndi" school, Shalë village,

6- "Theth" school, Shalë village,

7- "Gimaj" school, Shale village,

8- "Palaj" school, Shosh village,

9- "Ndreaj" school, Shosh village,

10- "Nicaj" school, Shosh village,

11- "Pog" school, Pult village,

12- "Plan" school, Pult village,

13- "Maja e Thana" school, Pult village,

14- "Kasnec" school, Pult village,

15- "Kir" school, Pult village,

16- "Xhan" school, Pult village.