The list of winning candidates for one of the 32 places in BKH is published

The list of winning candidates for one of the 32 places in BKH is published

The competition for the 32 vacancies of the National Bureau of Investigation continues. The interview phase is over and 75 candidates will continue the race.

The candidates of the following list, winners, will take the polygraph test starting on August 9, while then the winning candidates will complete the declaration of assets and will be subject to figure checking.

BKH notice:

The Selection Commission on 30.07.2021, closed the Interview and Selection of Candidates Phase, for the further stages of the competition.

Qualified candidates will undergo the Polygraph Test. The Polygraph test starts on 09.08.2021. You will be notified by e-mail of the place, date and time of the Polygraph Test and detailed instructions.

Qualified candidates will complete:

Statement on Image Control, Annex A, Annex B, Annex C, provided in Law no. 95/2016 "On the organization and functioning of institutions to fight corruption and organized crime."
Statement on the wealth and private interests of the candidate for various positions in the institutions of the justice system. You can be informed about the way of filling in the property declarations in the link with the instructions given from the web of HIDAA, as follows:


The Statement of Image Control and the Declaration of assets, completed, will be sent scanned, by e-mail, to the address [email protected], no later than the date, 06.09.2021.

The interview phase took place under the supervision and monitoring of the International Commission of Experts, appointed by the missions of the Government of the United States of America and the European Union in Albania.

We thank all the applicants who expressed their willingness to participate in this competition.

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