'Covid-2' returns to normal next week. Why should we not be afraid of the Indian version of the virus

'Covid-2' returns to normal next week. Why should we not be afraid of

There are currently 2-3 patients in Covid Hospital who are expected to leave by the end of the week, while the Hospital will return to the Sanatorium, so people with pulmonary and chronic problems will be hospitalized as before, among them those who have passed the coronavirus and the consequences are suffering.

In the interview for ABC, Dr. Mezini said that Albania is currently in an optimal situation regarding the pandemic and for this he lists three factors: Natural immunization, vaccination and the season where we are!

'There are two or three patients left who I believe will be out by the weekend and the Sanatorium is getting ready to host previous patients with lung disease and others who have consequences after being cured of COVID. Albania is in an optimal situation in terms of COVID infections. Despite the numbers, the virus is still circulating among us. There are two main factors: Natural immunization and vaccination campaign. Third: We are in a seasonal period where viral infections are not favored '.

However, Dr. Mezini says that we should be vigilant in the fall, as there may be a slight increase in cases with Covid.

'We have to be vigilant. Let’s wait for the fall-winter season when there may be a slight increase in numbers. The situation is different than years. When the pandemic started until May we had a strong quarantine. Summer can not be compared to the winter months when in hospitals where there were no places. Vigilance must be maintained '.

Regarding the new variants of Covid, Dr. Arjan Mezini says that we should not worry as it does not turn out to be more aggressive and that in those who have passed the virus, immunity has lasted up to a year.

'We should not be afraid but we should be careful. So far it has been reported that the Indian variant is 40% more broadcast but it has not been reported to be more aggressive. So far it is seen that immunity has gone up to 1 year both in the case of natural immunity and in vaccinated. Every vaccine helps. Cases that have been vaccinated and affected worldwide have passed easily and without complications. One of our clinics has faced a strong influx of patients with chronic diseases and luckily they have succeeded.Many chronic patients I have consulted over the phone as they were reluctant to go to the hospital. We are in the process of disinfecting the hospital. The appliances have a disinfection procedure. This process can be completed on weekends. COVID has different consequences. The effects on the lungs last 3-6 months'.

He added that patients cured of the virus suffer the consequences mainly in the lungs for a period of 3-6 months.

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