CCBS – Press release on the marketing of unauthorized products

CCBS – Press release on the marketing of unauthorized products

Based on the recent communications circulating in the media regarding Serbian products, or products from other countries, such as Turkey, Poland, etc., which are sold in Albania in an unauthorized manner, we inform you that Coca-Cola Bottling Albania is the only official partner authorized by The Coca-Cola Company to produce, fill and distribute its portfolio of products in the Albanian territory.

As such, we guarantee compliance with the country's laws by offering products with labels in the Albanian language, important for knowing the ingredients, the time of production, the expiration date and the safety of transport in the right conditions, in every market and for every consumer . Also, the products produced in Albania create an increased economic contribution to the Albanian market. A sustainable business model that generates income, jobs, which directly affect the growth of GDP in the country.

In this regard, we emphasize once again that our only goal is to be a dignified company that acts in accordance with the law to serve Albanian consumers.

Of course, it is worth noting that any product that circulates illegally, often without any label in the Albanian language, uncontrolled by the state, brings a negative impact on the country's economy.

Coca-Cola Bottling Albania supports local production by having it as a guiding compass in daily practices, in the selection of Albanian suppliers, workers, partners and distributors and by offering products that are "more Albanian than you think".

We are very sorry that Albanian consumers are exposed to such an uncontrolled supply of products. In this regard, we guarantee our full cooperation with the Albanian authorities and Consumer Associations to ensure a solution as soon as possible.