Prison for the driver who injured the couple on Kavaja Street. The couple's condition worsened

Prison for the driver who injured the couple on Kavaja Street. The couple's

Ajas Sulejmani, 39, who injured the couple and their 3-month-old child on Kavaja Street, is in a cell.

The court of Tirana imposed the security measure 'prison arrest' for the driver of the luxury vehicle that left the accident after the collision.

How did the accident happen?

The serious accident happened on Sunday morning on Kavaja Street while a couple with a 3-month-old baby in a stroller were crossing the white lines in front of a traffic light.

While the other vehicles had stopped because the traffic light was red for the vehicles, the 'Mercedes Benz G-Class' car driven by Ajas Sulejmani came quickly, overtaking the couple.

The 39-year-old immediately left the scene and was arrested by police a few hours later.

How is the couple?

According to media reports, the condition of the couple who crashed together with the three-month-old baby on Kavaja Street is still aggravated.

Arjan Konomi, who is being treated at the Trauma Hospital, has undergone intensive care. While the wife, Vilma is in serious condition in the hospital, but has not undergone intensive treatment. Both are in a conscious state but have multiple traumatic injuries.

The baby thankfully suffered minor injuries and was initially picked up by family members. Since Vilma Konomi was mentioned yesterday and asked for the little girl, she has returned to the hospital and will stay with her parents.