Brexit / EU citizens are given a deadline, what to do if they want to continue living in Britain

Brexit / EU citizens are given a deadline, what to do if they want to continue

EU citizens living in Britain have 28 days to apply to continue living in Britain. They will have to complete a status request and if they do not submit it by this deadline, they will have to provide a reasonable justification for the delay. About 5.6 million citizens of the European Economic Area (EEA) have applied for established status.

But there are about 400,000 more cases without completing the forms. The government helpline is receiving thousands of calls a day. Following the Brexit 2016 referendum, which took place exactly five years ago, status was established for EU and EEA citizens living in Britain.

This allows them to retain the same rights of residence, travel, employment and access to health care and benefits. The countries whose citizens have the highest number of applications are Poland (975,000) and Romania (918,000).

Immigration Minister Kevin Foster said anyone whose application was not completed within next week's deadline will not lose, as their rights are protected by law.

He added that officials will start issuing 28-day notices to people, advising them to apply for established status. Immigrant groups had expressed concern that children would be among those who might encounter problems applying. But Foster has clarified that there will be room for them as well.

But he said no one can apply for benefits, work or rent in England without pre-established status.

The EEA consists of 27 EU countries plus Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

What is resolved status?

EU citizens living in Britain must apply to stay in the EU.

They can apply for:

Resolved status - for anyone who can prove they have been in the UK continuously for five years or more before 31 December 2020.

Default status - for anyone who has been in Britain for less than five years until the end of 2020. They can apply for established status in the future, but there is no guarantee they will get it.

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