Bora a young boy killed wants another answer!

Bora a young boy killed wants another answer!

Today marks one year since the murder of Klodian Rasha, the young man who caused pain and protests after the murder of a police officer, who today is behind bars, but still not enough. A 25 year old today would be 26 years old would have gone out to enjoy a sunny day, in Tirana or his neighborhood. But he is no more and his family is in pain for the boy lost in the flowers of age, for no reason, just because he ran and broke the curfew. Madness.

Today, in an activity, a journalist asked the Minister of Youth and Children about the case of Klodian Rasha, Bora Muzhaqi, which is not the first time she is in front of microphones with questions that require information and especially sensitivity.

After hearing the answer of Minister Muzhaqi, he realizes with regret that the minister either does not know at all that he would have been outside Albania, or is not able to give a sensitive answer, but also logical.

- Bora, Responsibility for the task and public reactions do not come with the degree, but from the clarity and seriousness with which you handle the important task you have agreed to do. You have been given a chance!

Journalist: One year after the murder of Klodian Rasha, what will be done to protect the lives of young people?

Bora Muzhaqi: Definitely when it comes to dealing with the protection or provision of youth rights above all is awareness. Understanding how they should be more aware of their tasks, but also the institutions themselves.