NATO naval base in Albania

NATO naval base in Albania

Prime Minister Edi Rama in a special ceremony held today presented the medal "Big Star of Public Gratitude" to the Commander of NATO Operational Command, General Tod Daniel Wolters.

During his speech, Rama also spoke about the possibility of establishing a NATO naval base in Albania. The Prime Minister said that the ideas will be disclosed to the Commander of NATO Operational Command, General, Tod Daniel Wolters.

"The fact that I had the opportunity to meet the general, to talk to him made me feel very encouraged in his words when he told me 'you can be a small country, you have a small army, but you can find your country creating added value for the whole alliance ”.

This is what inspired me to share these words with the minister, with the Chief of Staff, with whole people and made us sit down and think more deeply about how we can get there. We have some good ideas and more importantly we have some good friends. We are very confident today that we can truly find our country to be an added value to this alliance.

I left it for this moment to tell the general that tomorrow we will have the opportunity to show some of the ideas and in these very specific dangerous times I believe he will again consider having a naval base of NATO's last word in Albania.

It is up to us to present the project to him and show him what we have worked for and then he will be the lawyer and supporter of this idea from the beginning ", said Rama during the awarding ceremony for the NATO commander, general Tod Daniel Wolters.