Municipalities from Tirana and all to generate income themselves!

Municipalities from Tirana and all to generate income themselves!

No more endless debts and expect from others. But how can municipalities do this? Edi Rama has made a proposal as in the form of an order. He says municipalities can increase their budget by building themselves and sheltering the homeless at the same time, or by covering public transport, cleaning, and even agriculture, both in production and collection and distribution.

"Financial discipline of municipalities is today more than ever a necessity. I want to dwell briefly on some aspects. To arrears. We will enter a phase of intolerance without tolerance, based on agreed parameters. The historical accumulation of debts can not become an open road for the years ahead.

Increasing the performance of municipalities is a priority for us. But there is no way to increase it, if their financial security does not improve. It is the most dramatic data of all these years that the volume of activities that link municipalities with the creation of non-budget revenues is minimal, close to zero. It is impossible today that from Tirana which is the main, until the last, we have no independent economic activity that generates income.

Starting construction. Municipalities have all the opportunities to build and create much more opportunities for people in need of housing, but also to generate revenue for their budget. Tell me one who does this? No, no. There is no reason why they should all be delegated to private companies. Why don't municipalities do that? Tell me something that bothers them? They kill two birds with one stone. They create opportunities for their homeless and do not wait for housing. On the other hand sell to generate income.

How many are the agricultural production markets of municipal origin? What are the collection and distribution points? How much have they used the sovereign guarantee fund for agriculture, without waiting for the private investor to solve it? It is welcome, but does not always come when it should.

To come to a gangrene that is water. An asset that produces nothing but debts, debts, debts.

Not to mention services such as public transport, which are not even easy to implement.

Why should the government be the champion for digitalization and not the municipality? In the world the central government is the slowest. In the world, there is once the local government, then the central one ", said Rama in the meeting with the mayors.