The Municipality of Tirana revokes the license of the company that manages the Unaza line, Veliaj: Warning for other lines as well

The Municipality of Tirana revokes the license of the company that manages the

The Municipality of Tirana has revoked the license of the company that manages the Unaza line. The news was announced by the Mayor himself, Erion Veliaj, during a meeting with school administrators, in the framework of the measures taken for the progress of the new pre-university educational year in the capital. The Mayor explained that the decision was taken after numerous abuses denounced by line users, as he warned other public transport lines, which has been under strict surveillance and control by the Municipality for 3 months.

" I have been very engaged this summer to make some interventions in public transport. One of them has to do with the operation of bus lines in Tirana. I have decided this week to revoke the license of the company that manages the Ring line for an absolutely irresponsible behavior, for abusing Covid all the time with excuses to perform the service. This is also a warning to other lines. We are observing them in great detail, "said Mayor Veliaj.

The Mayor of Tirana said that the line will be reopened immediately available to citizens, but already with another operator. "To reassure all citizens who use that line, the transition to return to normalcy will take place before the school year, " said Veliaj, adding that, to ease the heavy traffic in September with the opening of schools, will to enter into force and the regime of supply of food outlets and supermarkets.

Meanwhile, another measure taken to increase safety in schools related to transport is the ban on the circulation of cars in some of the alleys near schools during school hours.

In some of the streets we have started to experiment with what we call "school streets", where, as happens all over the world, that alley is blocked and used only on foot by children until the learning process ends. In some other alleys we will do a review for railings, to make sure that the sidewalk where children jump immediately from the main door has a kind of protected barrier until they go to the white line, or to the traffic light, "said Veliaj.