Basha from Fieri: We do not know the result. The battle will continue not for my chair

Basha from Fieri: We do not know the result. The battle will continue not for my

From a meeting he held today with the Democrats in Fier, Lulzim Basha said that the battle will continue to overthrow what he calls the Rama-Doshi regime. He reiterated that the election result will not be recognized. Lulzim Basha that the battle will continue in all ways.

"We come to our first conclusion. April 25 showed that the Democrats without any means of power in hand, only with their soul are able to make a massive mobilization and oppose an entire power and bring it to the brink of collapse ready to throw it where it belongs . Undoubtedly, with this comes the second conclusion which I believe is not a secret either for our structures or for the Albanian citizens, the electoral massacre of April 25 will not be recognized, the result of the alienation of the will of the Albanians, will not be accepted. There is no point in discussing this. The battle will continue, the battle will continue precisely for those we started, not for my chair, not for Enkelejd or our other candidates, not for directorships or tenders, or to open the doors of customs for smuggling or to ally with crime.

This degradation, this decadence, where degeneration is for the bad luck of Albania today the disease that has stuck to death our political opponent. Our battle will continue for the Albanians, our battle will continue for the Fieraks, our battle will continue for the parents who want to raise and keep their children here.

Our battle will continue for Albania and for democracy. How will this battle continue? In all forms, in all ways, in every battlefield one thing is certain as sunlight today the end of this battle can not be the triumph of the Rama-Doshi regime, but the overthrow of this regime and the victory of Albania and Albanians.

Of course we should have no illusions that the road ahead will be easy and that the hours and days of sacrifice are over. It is my duty to look you in the eye and tell you that what we have started together side by side we will continue to the end. But it is also my duty to tell you that in this battle you have only one guarantee for success, to take with us the will of each of those 680 thousand Albanians who trusted us directly with a vote as well as hundreds, thousands of other coalition votes. "and hundreds, thousands of others who this time were pressured and forced to stay at home or alienate their vote," said Basha.