5 police officers are arrested in Lezha

5 police officers are arrested in Lezha

An anti-drug operation conducted in Lezha by order of SPAK has handcuffed 12 people, including 5 police officers. Another 20 people are reportedly wanted. State Police Director Gledis Nano reacted after the operation by saying that some employees within the structure could not tarnish the image of the State Police.

Full statement:Uncompromising fight against criminal groups and zero tolerance for the cultivation of narcotic plants are a priority and a challenge, so together with the new director to commit to give a new impetus not only to this challenge, but to all priorities that the State Police has.

You have me by your side in your work to achieve the objectives, but I assure you that no police officer who neglects duty or worse, who becomes a party to crime will be tolerated. Respect the citizens, serve them by offering the highest quality service, apply the law and only the law and I assure you that I will always be your support.

"Some police officers within the structure cannot tarnish the image of the State Police, undoing the good work that has been done so far, just as some other individuals cannot challenge the Police."