Ardian Çela on the energy crisis: Until January 1, there is no price increase

Ardian Çela on the energy crisis: Until January 1, there is no price

The Foreign Affairs Committee is discussing electricity today. In this meeting of the Commission, they are talking about the construction of a power station in Tirana. An option that has been opposed by MP Mimi Kodheli, who argues that these stations are carcinogenic and that they seem to be built away from residential areas.

"All stations agree with the local government that the distance from the residential centers is not respected. We bring cancer-gene consequences. Put pressure on the local government to have the good coordination you give for each permit. No one has the idea to stay with the stations and substations. This was my comment "said Kodheli.

OSHEE administrator Ardian Çela has stated that the price will not change until January 1.

"Until January 1, the tariff is not affected. On January 1, the regulatory body submits the proposal. So far it has not applied for any tariff increase. The liberalized market started more than years ago. On January 1 the rest that are related to medium voltage will go on the free market. The platform has been completed between OST and OSHEE.

There will be no tariff increase for 1 million subscribers supplied by OSHEE. We made the comparisons with ourselves. Albanians have forgotten that period when the lights went out. There is still work to be done but improvements are visible. In four years OSHEE has faced the drought crisis because KESH due to inflows has not guaranteed the amount needed to supply customers. It had to stop investing to import energy into the free market. "Neither the tariff has been touched nor has it knocked on the door of the government", said Çela.

Even Prime Minister Rama said that there will be no price increase for family subscribers and small businesses.