Arben Kraja: 80% of officials do not know that they are being investigated

Arben Kraja: 80% of officials do not know that they are being investigated

The head of SPAK, Arben Kraja in front of the deputies and other representatives in the Council of European Integration said that the Special Prosecution has proactive investigations and 80 of the persons being investigated do not know.

Excerpts from the statement of Arben Kraja:

The Special Prosecution during 2021, has been fully focused on the fight against organized crime and corruption, especially at high levels. Successful investigations have been conducted. SPAK focuses on the implementation of recommendations. To implement the recommendations we were able to conduct proactive investigations, we cooperated a lot with the State Police. We have cooperated with counterpart institutions abroad.

Proactive investigation is a broad concept, which is being investigated without the knowledge of the other being investigated. 80% of the cases we have on hand are proactive investigation. If we refer to the figures, 832 criminal offenses for corruption are under investigation. 11 criminal proceedings were sent for 4 months. The data are indications that SPAK and BKH are on standby.

Regarding the criminal offenses of corruption of senior officials, we can mention officials in the status of former minister, deputy and there are three mayors. We are in a confused field. Investigations have been carried out against some subjects. One judge and 2 prosecutors were convicted during this period. 3 former judges are under investigation and three former judges of the Constitutional Court are on trial.

Cases of corruption investigations were conducted by SPAK and property investigation. When they were not justified, sequestration was requested in Court. The number of investigators in BKH will be 60. When we got ready to start the proceedings we encountered problems with the law.