Ambassador Yuri Kim: I heard that there are officials who are not sleeping for fear that they will face justice or be declared 'non grata'

Ambassador Yuri Kim: I heard that there are officials who are not sleeping for

US Ambassador Yuri Kim in the show 'Real Story' while talking about SPAK and the success of this institution said that there are former ministers, officials, police or politicians who are really worried about the reform in justice.

"I think it is important to keep in mind and be realistic and understand that something as radical as justice reform will not be easy, quick, or perfect. It is like saying that a runner should start from the marathon. It doesn't start there. If you did, you will fail. You have to build strength. And what we see in the statistics, in the real results that you see from SPAK and other countries, is that those who engage in corruption and organized crime, those who steal from the government, from the people, from the United States, are beginning to face justice. We are seeing former ministers, powerful people, members of parliament, police officers, politicians, leaders of organized crime, some business people, go to trial and go to jail. And when you say that nothing happened...".

Puna dhe detyra jonë është të themi se duhet të ketë sundim të ligjit në këtë vend; që është koha që pandëshkueshmëria të marrë fund. Dhe besojmë se reforma në drejtësi po fillon të japë rezultate. Edhe një herë, shikoni faktet. Mos u shpërqendroni nga propaganda nga të gjitha anët. Ka disa njerëz që duan që ju të besoni se reforma në drejtësi nuk ka për të ndodhur. Ndaj injorojnë faktet dhe thonë se asgjë s’ka ndodhur kështu që është okay të thuash se s’do ndodhë gjë.

But the facts tell a different story. They tell the story that impunity is coming to an end. They tell the story of concerned senior officials. I've heard plenty of stories about people who can't sleep, wondering if it's their turn for the next non-grata declaration or prosecution. And if you're worried, you probably have good reason to be. And I would say again to all prosecutors, judges, investigators, do your job," said Ambassador Kim at the end.

"A stone becomes a fortress", said the American ambassador about the SPAK cases so far, using the popular Albanian expression.