OSCE Ambassador: Good cooperation with parties and CEC, report released three months after elections

OSCE Ambassador: Good cooperation with parties and CEC, report released three

From the city of Korça, the OSCE Ambassador in Tirana said that the final report on the April 25 elections will be released three months after the elections. In the previous report it was said that the elections were generally well conducted, without incidents, while the organization of the CEC headed by Ilirjan Celibashi received positive assessments.

Vicenzo Del Monaco stressed that the OSCE / OHDIR has had good cooperation with the CEC and the parties participating in the elections, adding that the report is expected to be published 3 months after the elections, probably at the end of the month or in the beginning of July.

"We, as the OSCE presence in Albania, had very good cooperation before the elections with both political parties and the CEC, and I think this is something encouraging. Once the final ODHIR report is released, the OSCE Presence in Albania is ready to assist in implementing the most potential recommendations that the report will have. And I am telling you this publicly now that before the report came out and it is a fact that we also know the CEC; we will stand by if we are asked to help implement the recommendations. "These are important issues for having a real discussion by the new parliament that will be represented by the new political forces according to the new format in September."

Meanwhile regarding the change of AMA members, Del Monaco said:

"I support a transparent and open approach when we talk about reforms and the media is one of the important areas."

He did not give a long comment on the statements of Lulzim Basha, who called the April 25 elections an electoral masquerade, but said that he listens carefully to all the statements of the leaders in Albania.

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