Krraba bus accident, human error

Krraba bus accident, human error

New details emerge from the Krraba bus accident, where the driver lost control and as a result three citizens were slightly injured.

According to the sources at the scene, who questioned the driver and the cashier of the bus in question, it turns out that the driver was fasting and did not feel well. As a result, this caused him to crash and lose control of the vehicle.

Also, from the verification that was carried out of the technical documentation of the bus, it was found that everything was in accordance with the rules, in accordance with the legislation in force. The driver of the vehicle was subjected to an alcohol test, which resulted in the absence of alcohol.

From the data obtained in the field, the vehicle was traveling within the permitted speed limits.

The slightly injured passengers underwent the mandatory checks at the hospital and were then released to their homes, as they did not need specialized treatment.