Accident in Tirana / The driver crashes the 20-year-old on the white lines

Accident in Tirana / The driver crashes the 20-year-old on the white lines

A 20-year-old woman collided while crossing the white lines in Tirana. The perpetrator who left the scene after the accident was arrested by the police a little later.

There is no information on the health condition of the 20-year-old.

We recall that a few days ago a serious accident occurred on Kavaja Street, where 39-year-old Ajas Sulejmani drove a couple and their 3-month-old baby and then left the scene. Thankfully the baby did not have any injuries while the couple is in intensive care.

Notification to the police

The Regional Traffic Police Commissariat, in order to prevent road accidents and increase safety for road users, has organized work with dedicated groups to identify and punish aggressive violators of the Road Code, who are a potential danger to the lives of road users. street.

Particular attention is paid to the punishment of those drivers who do not give priority to pedestrians, in the white lines. A citizen who injured a pedestrian is handcuffed, in white lines.

The Traffic Police Services, after receiving the notification that a vehicle with unidentified driver had injured the citizen EM, 20 years old, in the white lines, in "Ismail Qemali" street, and then left, have immediately organized the work for identification and capture of the vehicle driver.

As a result of quick professional actions, the driver of the vehicle, citizen SP, resident in Tirana, was identified and arrested, for the criminal offenses "Violation of traffic rules" and "Leaving the scene of the accident".

Following the measures taken to prevent road accidents, during this week, 47 drivers were arrested and prosecuted at large. Also, 145 drivers were administratively punished for not giving priority to pedestrians on the white lines.

Tirana Traffic Police thanks the road users who follow the rules of the road and invites the citizens to report to the number 112 and to the Digital Commissariat, any illegality.