March 7, teacher's day. Today 137 years since the first Albanian teacher in Korça!

March 7, teacher's day. Today 137 years since the first Albanian teacher in

This date has started to be remembered since the 1960s, when the Albanian state decided that this day would be a holiday in commemoration of the establishment of the first Albanian School of Korça, which was founded on March 7, 1887.

The teacher's day at the national level serves to appreciate the best traditions of the Albanian school, the figure of the teacher, but also all education workers as educators of the new generation and as active contributors to the development and progress of the Albanian society.

On March 7, a day announced by a decision of the Albanian government as "National Teacher's Day", it will be 137 years since the creation of the first Albanian School in the city of Korça.

The school of Korça was an important center for cultural formation and the raising of consciousness and morals in the people. She encouraged the patriotic education of the young generation and the masses.

Among other things, this event was a great victory for the Albanian people, since until then, due to the Ottoman occupation, teaching was done privately inside the houses in secret. Thus, since that day, March 7 is celebrated in Albania as teacher's day to commemorate that important cultural and historical event.

Although in difficult conditions, when learning the Albanian language due to the conditions under the Ottoman rule was strictly forbidden, the Korça school remained open for almost 15 years. Its leaders were well-known figures of the Albanian Renaissance such as: Pandeli Sotiri, Petro Nini Luarasi, Nuçi Naçi, Thoma Avrami, etc.

With the opportunities they had, they became the initiators of the creation of the first documented textbooks. They devoted great importance to equipping them with the right teaching tools to further and distribute them to their students. Educated and with a high spirit of patriotism, these students would become in the future worthy followers of their teachers' ideology and devoted fighters for the struggle for freedom and independence.

The spread it received in our country, the teaching of the mother tongue after the opening of the Albanian Teacher of Korça, made the school go down in history as the pioneer of our national education and the day of its opening became a national holiday.

Every year, March 7 is celebrated in all the country's schools with numerous activities as a sign of thanks to teachers for the work they do in educating the young generation.

A symbol of this day are mainly the flowers that we give to our teachers