41 degrees today! Erjon Brace: Let's talk about the climate, today or never!

41 degrees today! Erjon Brace: Let's talk about the climate, today or

Erjon Braçe, in an interview given to Report TV, where he cut off a part where he talks about Tirana and every city in Albania, expresses the need to seize the clock on climate issues.

He appreciates Veliaj for the investments in schools, as one of the achievements of the mayor and says that today, thanks to the architect who drafted the Urban Plan of Tirana, Stefano Boeri, more should be done for the climate so that this city is not measured by how much money you have, but by how much quality there is.

Braçe: "A lot of work has been done in Tirana, especially what has been done with what is the essence and energy of a city: it is not the streets, but what has been done with schools, nurseries, kindergartens is extraordinary. Model! Those schools are the heart of this city. The future of this city and giving the future to a city is no small thing. That guy gave it by focusing really hard there.

But I think that is not enough. Now the challenges are completely different. I am counting the days since summer has arrived with temperatures above 35 degrees. For years I counted the days with temperatures above 30 degrees. This year we are counting the days with temperatures above 35 degrees. More than 40 have been made. With such temperatures, in a city like Tirana, it was necessary to think completely differently.

That guy has a very big advantage that he has for Tirana one of the best architects in the world for transforming cities into green jungles, which is Stefano Boeri. It has this advantage. He needs to build a plan on how to lower the temperatures in this city.

Lower temperatures mean more greenery, less concrete, less carbon, and so on. It means well-being for all citizens. It means livable city. It should be a city where well-being does not depend on the money you have, but on the quality of life, health, air, greenery and services in this city.

Erion Veliaj must definitely change in this aspect. So we need a completely different plan for Tirana. We need a plan that turns life in this city into prosperity, not nuisance."

Meanwhile, yesterday, in a meeting with the Prime Minister, the mayors spoke and gave an account of the debts and collected taxes of the municipalities, but the climate was not part of the discussions, even though in a meeting with air conditioning and at the peak of temperatures.