19 police officers injured from yesterday's fan clashes

19 police officers injured from yesterday's fan clashes

The Deputy Director of the State Police has issued a press release. 19 police officers were injured during the clash between Dutch and Italian fans. One of the police officers was stabbed. The effectives are receiving medical care.

"60 fans were escorted to the police stations and during the checks, knives, levers, iron gloves and other pyrotechnic items were found," said Dervishaj.

"4 police vehicles were damaged. "As for the above, 10 citizens, 5 Albanians, 3 Italians and 2 Dutch were sent to medical centers for medical assistance", he added.

"For the 80 fans deported today to Italy after yesterday's riot, a permanent exclusion from sports activities will be imposed," said Dervishaj.

In the end he called on the citizens not to be provoked in different situations, to avoid fan areas.

"They appeal to businesses not to serve alcohol in bottles and glass cups, because they pose a risk to the lives of citizens," added the Deputy Director of Police.