Sexual abuse of a minor, police arrested in Saranda

Sexual abuse of a minor, police arrested in Saranda

A police officer in Saranda has been arrested, along with another person, after being accused of exploiting prostitution against a 13-year-old minor and sexually abusing him.

The policeman, who has been identified as Petraq Rako, was caught red-handed after going to the environment adapted for prostitution by the 62-year-old tutor to have sex with the minor girl.

Police Notice

In function of the criminal proceedings of 2021 registered by the Prosecutor's Office of the Saranda Judicial District, on the basis of the reference acts of the Saranda Police Commissariat, as during the investigations within this criminal proceeding data have emerged for the involvement of a police officer, by of the services of the Saranda Police Commissariat in cooperation with the CIA, on 18.11.2021 was successfully finalized Operation "Users", where citizens were arrested in flagrante delicto:

• Chief PR Inspector, 63 years old, police officer, Service Body at BCP Rrips;

• SK, 62 years old, resident of Xarrë village, Konispol.

After a one-month investigation under the direction of the Saranda Judicial District Prosecutor's Office, it became possible to catch and arrest in flagrante delicto the above citizens, as SK citizen used for profit the juvenile citizen LH, 13 years old, adapting an environment for use of prostitution of this citizen.

The PR police officer was arrested in flagrante delicto, after having sexual intercourse with a minor citizen in the premises adapted by the citizen SK