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The virus has really gotten out of the way, but here's where its new dynamic is emerging: In markets and within the family

The virus has really gotten out of the way, but here's where its new

What is happening with Shkodra? What is happening all over the country is more or less in the suburbs of Tirana.

Today at a gas station, as I was filling the car at the exit of the highway, in a cafe inside the gas station, groups of men were drinking coffee without masks. The same is with Shkodra, which in 12 cases in one day has attracted attention from the northern capital. But reliable sources explain that the situation is not so alarming and that the characteristic of Shkodra is that the virus is within families. The 12 infected are part of two families, without appearing in the neighborhood. A new fact that should serve as a new lesson. Even within the family we have to be careful and if until yesterday we were seeing the problem on the street, now we are seeing that the virus is walking inside the house.

Virus waves will be different, public health experts explain, and we need to be careful, like shopping and staying home. Everywhere the measures are never superfluous.

Meanwhile, the markets are also a problem due to the tight schedules that consequently lead to the clash of citizens, adding to this the education of everyone. The government announced today that it will also provide for imprisonment for anyone who does not respect the distance.

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