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Tiranapost or TIP, city or civilization

Tiranapost or TIP, city or civilization

As you can see, Tiranapost has made some changes to the image. After three years of life, we saw the maturity and versatility of the articles and the way they were placed on the page. I hope you enjoy it and share a space with more ethics and aesthetics together.

TIP has grown thanks to young people joining them at various times. Some have been brilliant. Some have gone through the meteor, there have been frustrating cases, some sued, and of course it has come out quickly. From experience I can say an interesting fact: -A respondent never knows I don't know and we all benefit from this pride. They are gone!

We're not too many in number, just enough fingers to count us, but that's the secret. If you want the job done, work with a mini-team yourself. Philosophy is not to capture the latest news, nor the end of a news story, nor to find a word, a Woman or a Man, and sell it humorously without shaking its head about the consequences it causes to some, to some, to the site. news that turns into mine with the clock.

We have some forbidden words. We do not write "exclusive" about every ass, scandal, - for every banal hassle, for every miserable debate. There is no headline in front of the person, the interest in the information remains before the news.

We don't think public people are click bait. The horoscope gets the clicks every day, but it gets the respect and confidence.

When we left, I heard it often: you will not survive! But here we are. Increasingly stronger than yesterday, weaker than tomorrow. Always striving to bring news and not gossip, criticism and not scolding and assault, literature and not gossip, health, architecture and of course we have some characters we love the most, some we forget about. There are no unbiased media, and if they exist, nothing seems more boring than those that cannot have a side in the world of 2020.

Thank you from the bottom of every article you post, Fabjola, Jearta, Elisa and outside collaborators like Erjon Uka (TIP writer) Marcela Lati, Iva Tico, Silvana Mishtaku.

Eneida, who now has a new job, Claudette, who has a new life away from Albania or Christopher, whom I look forward to seeing as a prime minister (currently studying in Geneva with a scholarship as an excellent student). I am grateful for any article you gave "post" on Tiranapost.

Finally, thank you to the readers who trust the information. Instead of kisses, we send you items. Reading is your best friend in life, like sleepless nights, like long Sundays and on the street or in the cafe when it happens and you don't want to greet anyone, hide behind the TIP!