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The power of normalcy

The power of normalcy

When I first heard the words "spin doctor", sometime in 2008, I was taken aback as if I knew it earlier, as we Balkans are accustomed to never accepting that we don't know something. We have an obsession to look perfect, knowledgeable in every field, infallible, and if we are knocked down by a horse we take the conversation to the horse's grandmother and not to our broken leg.

During this time I spend a lot of time on the portal and we read and translate in Tiranapost so many speeches, opinions, interviews from which, in addition to being informed, I am also making some small discoveries. I have always believed that politics and propaganda are two things that cannot live without each other and that everyone does more or less the same thing - in America, Germany, France, Serbia, China and Albania, with systemic changes, but which is essentially the same need to give the masses what they need to know or to dismantle what they know or to prevent them from knowing.

This is where the big difference between west and east begins! Democracy and autocracy.

For example, Germany has once again demonstrated the power of the state, the politician and the civilian man.

Chancellor Angela Merkel has seen an increase in opinion polls following a sharp drop in her popularity over the past two years, from the issue of immigration to the war within her own party, as it does when her party friends feel the wind is blowing. west of the star.

Merkel has spoken like a sweet grandmother on her clean, brightly lit podcasts; calm, sober, once a week or two, depending on situations and dynamics.

On the other hand, we must never forget the wonderful fact that speaks to an economically, psychologically and culturally organized society.

We do not know if in Albania a soft language would have been answered by everyone and what would have happened if Edi Rama had made the leader normal, the severity of which has not been without results. It has had effects, but it will also have consequences. Mentioning the war, harsh measures or imprisonment, a bold idea of the modern Albanian prime minister, is dangerous!

Better a poor horse than no horse at all. We as citizens have no guilt that the biological war invaded the planet. That the virus came to Albania, that it came out at the Kombinat market, or that in Shkodra people took part in an irresponsible burial.

In 2020, when we see how the leaders of organized societies approach a surprising situation, we can learn that there is room to protect each other without verbal violence, without violence in general, without propaganda. The very moment we are going through is a punishment, to which we must find ways not to salt the crack in the flesh.

President Steinmeier delivered a speech a few days ago. A soft word that breaks your heart that you are not German and that you do not have a president to address you like this: “This is not a war, decisions cannot be made only by us politicians and experts. We all make decisions together with the citizens. "

I was reading the speech on the balcony and meanwhile a man was walking down and spitting as much as he could. I don't know if that guy understands decision-making, but he's not the majority and normal people don't have to suffer from some idiots.

In order not to take the example of Macron, and the powerful closing of "vive la France, vive l'Europe" from beginning to end there is only information and no comment of personal, political nature, as if there is no opposition and criticism. Maybe not ?!

Not even Conte, however, escapes Italianization, and who forced the famous journalist Enrico Mentana to apologize publicly for allowing live broadcasts for Prime Minister Conte to personally attack the opposition: “If I knew he would use this time for personal attacks with the opposition, I would not have allowed the live broadcast ", Mentana said quickly.

Meanwhile, in Albania, this not only does not kill your ear, but if all this does not happen, you get tired and incompetent.

It is the propaganda of the countries of origin, of the unsystematized societies that are kept in confusion, giving every day a lot, a lot of information and details. Lots of attacks and lots of spin-doctors!

Who saw in the last series of "Casa de Papel" the trick of Commissar Lisbon in front of the trial panel that gave as much detail and information as possible to kill the trial panel to death and finally succeeded ?!

Even we endlessly listen to every kind of detail, personal experience until we get tired and spend another night stunned. We don't know if we are good or bad children. If we make a mistake tomorrow or do we behave well ?! We don't know what we are when we sit down to sleep!

Another point that is distinguishing us from developed societies is our perfection!

(Like me in 2008, with the term spin doctor!)

When France, Germany, England, rich Switzerland appeared insecure in the early days of the infamous virus (and here there is much to talk about how such strong countries were found unprepared, but this requires a separate discussion) and came out and they said "No"! No, we don't have tampons, tests, respirators, masks, beds. We do not know what will happen, they seemed quite in contrast to Albania, to look the safest place in the world and we were almost afraid that the Swiss would emigrate from us, leaving them at home with a fever and not approaching the hospital.

Everything is perfect, we have everything, we fight everything and we try everything. No admission of defect, impossibility, uncertainty, after all, why are we such a scary society that we have frightened our politicians to the point that they cross the rainbow, afraid to say things as they are? This is an unprecedented story for the living of a 100-year-old and no one knows where to go.

If there's one thing we know today from the coronavirus lecture, it's that if Wuhan's authorities in China had accepted the truth and not taken it before the party's propaganda, the world wouldn't be in bed today, Italy wouldn't be. dressed in black as widows in mafia movies, Madrid, New York, Paris or London and Tirana would not be in this door today.

And we who thought that civilization has horns, beautiful cars, trams, subways, multi-star hotels, centuries-old cafes and tulips. In fact there is something we have in hand: the power of being normal!

Vive Normalité

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