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How to increase your child's self-confidence

How to increase your child's self-confidence

First learn the 5 things to avoid:

Avoid harassment and personal criticism such as "bad kid".

Avoid high expectations

Avoid over-defending and intimidating him by saying phrases such as "you will fall" or "do not die there".

On the other hand, protect him in the right way: encourage him when he learns to ride a bike or skate

Try not to convey your lack of trust because the child acts by imitating.

In any case, pay attention to the image you give to your children.

5 things you need to do to boost your self-esteem

- Emphasize what is right and what he has done well.

- Release the pressure on his shoulders.

- Try to be optimistic.

- Project a positive image.

- Make the child independent and empower him by monitoring him remotely.

* Source Alfemminile