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The Kings saw the serial of their lives and the opinions are varied

The Kings saw the serial of their lives and the opinions are varied

The fourth season of the newly released "The Crown" focuses on Prince Charles, his relationship with Diana and the Queen.

But how did the royals react to their life story reflected in the film?

Princess Eugenia has seen it.

According to Hello Magazine, Eugenia thinks the film's recording quality is fantastic and the music is amazing. According to her the story is also beautiful.

"It simply came to our notice then. It talks about everyone in the family. "So, I felt so good when I saw it," says Eugenie.

And again from Eugenie the words have come out that the queen is dying for this series. She really likes the actress who plays her role.

The enthusiasm of the first season, the queen was ruined by the second season. He did not like telling the story at the time when Charles was in school and his father Philip did not take care of him. The Queen knows that I can not change people's opinion and that the portrayal that films make of stories and people creates the basic opinion in people. So he did not like this detail.

After Princia William?

Olivia Colman, the actress who plays Queen Elizabeth in the third season reveals that she once met William at the royal palace. He also asked her what she thought of the film. According to her William was very polite, but he had told her that he had not seen her yet.

Meanwhile, Prince Harry has asked for the series to end. Especially after the fourth season of "The Crown" starring Diana and her story with Charles.

* Article taken from Cosmopolitan, translated and adapted by