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Alpha woman

Falenderimi i veçantë i Drejtorit të Përgjithshëm të Alpha Bank Albania për punonjëset gra në Ditën Ndërkombëtare të Gruas

Alpha woman

The arrival of every March 8, turns the world's attention to the woman, to her wisdom and power, to influence important economic, political and social decision-making. It is a day when they stop for a long time, precisely in their daily efforts, to mark small and big revolutions, in their personal or professional life as employees, managers or entrepreneurs.

And as the years go by since March 8, 1910, when the International Women's Conference proposed that such a day be proclaimed "International Women's Day", girls and women are becoming more and more ladies, to treat it as want their future. A mission that becomes even easier in companies that offer equal opportunities for career development for all female and male employees. Such is the spirit in Alpha Bank Albania, where 67% of employees are women and where 46% of management positions are held by women employees.

On International Women's Day, Alpha Bank Albania created and published a video with the participation of female employees of the Bank which we see in their personal and professional lives while we hear a special thanks and appreciation from the General Director Mr. Georgios Papanastasiou “You are wonderful. And he proves this every day, in every possible way. You realize your dreams, you face your fears, you are an example. You prove your strength, expand your opportunities, enrich your skills. It offers support and gives full of emotions. For what you are, thank you! ”