All after Camavinga, Real "introduces" friend Zidane to convince him

All after Camavinga, Real "introduces" friend Zidane to convince him

On November 10 he will celebrate his 18th birthday, but French midfielder Eduardo Camavinga is realizing his dreams with speed and next summer is expected to be a market target for the biggest European clubs.

The midfielder from Angola has made his debut with Rennes in 2018 and last season he became an undisputed starter, while this fall he debuted and scored his first goal with France, becoming the youngest footballer to wear the jersey. of "turkeys" and that marks for him.

That was enough to follow some of the most famous clubs in Europe, such as PSG, Manchester United, Juventus and Barcelona, ??while according to French media, Real Madrid has charged coach Zinedine Zidane to convince Camavinga to transfer to the capital Spain.

"Los Blancos" have been trading without much fuss for several years and have enough money to pay the Rennes midfielder's card, but first they have to convince Camavinga himself to accept the transfer to "Santiago Bernabeu".

Zidane himself has been amazed by the performance of Eduardo Camavinga and has started contacts with him, while it is expected that soon the two will discuss more extensively, for a Madrid future of the midfielder.

Meanwhile, the managers of Rennes have made it clear that they will not give up the midfielder's card without first collecting a figure of 50 million euros, a lot that is not a problem at all for Real's coffers, which only closed the last market with a positive balance of approximately EUR 100 million.