How Mourinho changed Tottenham in 1 year, now he is getting the fruits of the results

How Mourinho changed Tottenham in 1 year, now he is getting the fruits of the

Beyond game tactics and systems there are other elements that improve the functioning of a team. Understanding, friendship and union. This is the psychology of a perfect environment, one of Jose Mourinho's Tottenham secrets. He leaves nothing to chance by improvising in the last moments. It is dependent on the players, so much so that it often sends personalized messages to everyone to charge, or help when they need to. Beyond that it encourages joining during training sessions using jokes or shaking hands with anyone in the group when needed. A very solidary and very cooperative Mourinho. This is where one of Tottenham's greatest values ??of this season takes root. Mourinho has put it all together, at least so far it is something that bears fruit.

When the Tottenham players learned that they would be trained by the Portuguese after the dismissal of Pochettino, they did not react well. This is because the former coach of Chelsea, Inter or Real is accompanied by an image of a serious man, with a strong character. This was what the group of players expected to happen to them. But as the months went by they saw the opposite, discovering another person, loved one, who understands and is willing to help you.

What has not changed for him is the correctness on the field, the tactics as he requires, even strictly. In this case do not give up if he is not happy with the performance, as in the case of Delle Alli, or Rose.
At the moment the classification makes you smile, and the victory against Manchester City climbed even higher in the classification. This is not important to him, whether he is the first or the second, he is happy for the development that the team is undergoing. Here he seeks to keep the fans on the ground, stressing that no one can hope for the title right after a season like the one he left behind. We are not playing for the champion title, but we are playing to win all the matches we have left.

Recently Mou has become very active on Instagram and posts photos with the players after the matches. As for example after the match with Burnley, he wrote: After a victory in a strong match. Sign of the times. So is the young Mourinho.