Klopp reacts to the calendar: We risk not having players to close the championship

Klopp reacts to the calendar: We risk not having players to close the

On Wednesday, Liverpool will host Atalanta at "Anfield Road" in the Champions League match and on Saturday at 12:30 will play in the transfer to Brighton, while the busy schedule seems to have worried the coach of "the reds" a lot. , Jurgen Klopp.

In the interview given to Sky Sport after the match, the German coach asked the two Premier League broadcasters to consider what is happening with the players on the field, from the frequent engagements.

"Sky and BT Sport must agree, because if we continue to play on Sunday, Wednesday and again on Saturday at noon, we risk not having even 11 players to close the championship. I'm not just talking about Liverpool, but everyone. Look at Pique, who was badly injured, Saka as well. The latter also played all three games with England. You say to rotate, but with whom to rotate. "We have some alternatives only in attack and then others are new names, without experience," said Klopp.

Someone in the studio reminded the German coach of the Premier League contracts with the TV companies, but only provoked a harsher reaction from Klopp, who asked for the fact that we are in a pandemic time to be taken into account.

"We can not talk about contracts at the moment. Since the beginning of the pandemic, everything has changed, but only the broadcasters do not move from their strict position. "The contracts were made for normal conditions, not for a situation like this, with a busy calendar and matches every three days", said the German.