Conte before the derby: Sanchez decides for himself if he will play, Eriksen has played enough

Conte before the derby: Sanchez decides for himself if he will play, Eriksen has

Antonio Conte appeared at the usual press conference on the eve of the Milan derby, as he spoke about the condition of the team, the short time of preparation for the challenge and above all the form of striker Alexis Sanchez.

What value does this derby have at the start of an important cycle?
We seek to do our best and win in every match we play, as every success is valued at three points. The derby has the biggest difficulty as the opponent is very strong. He closed last season perfectly and started this current one very well. However we want and need to make a good match, even though we know the difficulty.

How much does the fact that the players have been with their national teams and you have not had time to work affect you?
Of course I wish I had at least one more day to prepare for this challenge, but there is an international program and we need to adapt. So we have to prepare everything in this afternoon session, where we will work a little on the field and a lot with videos and tips for the players. Those who were engaged with the national team are back yesterday, with Vidal and Sanchez landing last and of course they are tired as some have played 3 games in a few days but have done well and we have to take advantage of the high morale.

How is Sanchez?
Came with a minor muscle problem last night at 10pm and today we will see. Doctors are conducting examinations and we will see him on the field. We have a very intensive calendar, so we have to calculate its activation well, as we do not want to risk anything. However I also expect an awareness of the players themselves in such cases, as Sanchez himself has to tell me if he will play tomorrow or wait for the next confrontation.

Is derby a test of maturity?
The season has just started and along the way we will have other big and important matches, however I expect that in the derby we will show that we have improved still.

In Italy the teams are scoring more. Can we say that philosophy has changed?
We scored 113 goals last season and I would be happy if we reached the same figure again. I see that in both Italy and Europe, teams play more openly and want to show their values. In Italy this shows that the level is rising and now all the teams believe they can get points against anyone.

Have you considered changing the scheme since you have absences tomorrow?
No, the performers will change, but the positions on the players' field will be the same. We have already built our game on this lineup, which was once considered a step backwards, but today is being used more and more by different clubs.

Si e shihni sfidën mes Hakimit dhe Theo Herandez?
Nesër ka një derbi mes Interit e Milanit dhe dy lojtarët janë në shërbim të skuadrave të tyre. Sigurisht që për vetë pozicionet që kanë, do të përballen shpesh me njëri-tjetrin dhe të dy kanë aftësi shumë të mirë, që do të mundohen t’i vënë në shërbim të skuadrës.

Kush luan nesër, Eriksen apo Brozoviç?
Këtë herë e kam punën shumë më të lehtë, pasi kam vetëm 4 mesfushorë në dispozicion dhe tre prej tyre duhet të luajnë nga minuta e parë. Megjithatë unë punoj njësoj me të gjithë futbollistët, pasi na pret një kalendar shumë i ngjeshur dhe do të ketë hapësira për të gjithë. Djemtë e kanë të qartë që do të luajnë shpesh dhe duhet të japin kontributin e tyre në fushë.

Eriksen seems to have asked for more minutes…
I do not know if he plays a little at Inter, but I think he played enough. I make some decisions for the good of the team. However, I am very pleased with the way Eriksen is integrating with Inter and the contribution he is making. I hope he is also happy to be working with us, as in such a season, there will be space for everyone. However I think Eriksen has played enough to show his values, just like the other players.

How do you imagine a derby without the public?
It is not nice to watch a match without fans, as we need to exchange emotions on the field of play, but nevertheless I guarantee you that the commitment of the players on the field will be the same.