The virus will continue to attack until we realize that the cause is the human ego

The virus will continue to attack until we realize that the cause is the human

Nature has a great sense of humor: Once humanity started distributing vaccines against it, it created 2 new mutations, one probably in the UK, and the other in South Africa. Both new types of coronavirus are much more contagious, and doctors are still not sure if the newly developed vaccines are effective against them.

But what can we expect? Since the beginning of this pandemic, I have warned that the problem is not Covid-19. This disease is a symptom of a much deeper problem that stems from bad human relationships. When fighting the symptom, it is not surprising that the pathogen strikes you constantly.

The current strategy is as clever as confronting an ubiquitous pipe, and where you try to close the crack where the water comes out instead of closing the tap. From time to time, nature will strike us, until we realize that viruses, volcanic eruptions, wars, bloodshed or forest fires are not the real problem, but that we, humanity, are the only problem in this world.

When we ask how to correct ourselves, instead of everything other than ourselves, then we will begin to see some positive results in our efforts. The root cause behind all catastrophes, traumas and every other possible affliction, is our selfishness. This is what is destroying the world we live in, including ourselves. Whenever we are told that our ego is the problem, we angrily deny it, but that does not make it any less real. We deny it, as our egos do not want to face the truth that they are the real problem. But until we do, the problems will only get worse.

And here we come to another problem: The world will not know how to rise above selfishness until the people of Israel show them the way. Currently, we Jews are showing quite the opposite. We are arguing with each other and we are not showing anything to others except discord.

When anti-Semites blame us for causing all the trouble, I can't help but agree with them. "A beacon for the nations," we shine in nothing but the darkness of division and division instead of the opposite, as it was intended to be.

They may not understand it, but anti-Semites do not hate us because of the way we treat them. They hate us because of the way we treat each other. When we project the hatred we feel for each other, it spreads all over the world, and makes people hate and jump on each other’s throats.

When rivals finally turn against the Jews, it is not because they are looking for a "Turkish head", but because they really think they are at war because of us, even though they cannot tell us how we incited no.

However, their intuition is correct: If we were united instead of divided, we would have projected unity instead of division, and the rest of the world would also be at peace.

Kur njerëzimi nuk është në paqe, kur kombet luftojnë për epërsi, ata përdorin të gjitha mjetet që kanë në dispozicion për t`a arritur atë. Dhe në këtë proçes, ata shfrytëzojnë njerëzit, burimet natyrore, e ndotin Tokën, dhe e varrosin atë sikur të mos ketë më të nesërme.

Por në fund, ata shkatërrojnë të ardhmen tonë.

Tani kemi ardhur në një kohë kur shfrytëzimi i Tokës nga njerëzimi është bërë aq i madh, sa natyra nuk mund t`a përballojë dot më. Ajo po na e kthen kusurin, dhe nuk do të ndalet derisa të ndryshojmë rrugë. Sa më shumë që ushtrojmë presion ndaj natyrës, aq më shumë ajo do të na kundërpërgjigjet, dhe pasojat do ti vuajnë njerëzit e rregullt.

However, if the people of Israel understand its role, and change course from mockery to cohesion, the whole world will change its course along with Israel. When that happens, we will not need vaccines; our relationships will protect us from harm, not only from viruses, but from all other disasters caused by the rift that exists between us. / “Newmax”

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