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How to decorate the house when the taste does not match the husband?

How to decorate the house when the taste does not match the husband?

Decorating a new home or remodeling an old one when you share the house with your partner can be exciting and outrageous at the same time. You can want luxury, it can be minimalist, and vice versa.

Someone, at some point will have to retire.

To make it less painful to get to that point, expert Kelly Collins, has some suggestions

Make an essential list of the objects the house should have and how we would like it to look overall. Both of you, make the list on your own. That way you will understand what are non-negotiable things and where there is room for compromise. Both lists will be able to serve the architect to make concessions and communications where there is room. Styles can be intertwined if you choose them carefully. This way you will be surprised to see how your choices can fit together.

Take each room separately and ask yourself two questions: What will be the main purpose of this room? It can be an office, a reading room or a games room. At what time of day will you be most in this room? This helps you consider lighting and color schemes. Who will use this room the most? If one of you is going to spend more time in a room, it naturally becomes more important for him to feel comfortable in it. What environment do you want to create? You may want it to be relaxed whether it is a bedroom, cozy for a living room or energetic for a kitchen.

And so everyone will live happily, forever!