Floriana Garo in Tirana to join politics

Floriana Garo in Tirana to join politics

The former presenter of Klan, after separating for several years in Geneva where she started her family and is a mother of two children, is in Tirana and not for vacation.

Floriana Garo in Tirana to join politics

Floriana Garo announced her return to Tirana in an interview in January 2021 for albinfo where she said: "In one form or another, I will return to the public's attention".

Rumors say that she will be part of Lulzim Basha's campaign. It is not the first time that Floriana Garos' name has been mentioned for her involvement in politics. In the 2017 parliamentary elections, there were rumors that she would run in the Tirana district list, but she was the one who denied the news.

In various interviews from Albanian screens, the former presenter spoke with reservations about the government of Edi Rama.

"I see it with a very problematic policy-making that hurts the people more and more every day. A corrupt system that will only exploit people to the maximum, with tired people who are powerless to fight for themselves and their rights. I see with an ardent desire to do something to help the situation change. Switzerland has made me think so, after making the comparison. "People matter here, not there, " she said in an interview a few months ago.

It is not known if this time, we will see Floriana Garon as part of the campaign alongside Lulzim Basha or maybe even a candidate for MP in Tirana. We are waiting for the official lists of candidates.