Drinking this tea can help you burn fat during sleep

Drinking this tea can help you burn fat during sleep

When it comes to belly fat, intermittent exercise and fasting may come to mind at first.

But a new study published in the journal Nutrients finds that drinking oolong tea can help you burn fat while you sleep. More specifically, researchers from Tsukuba University in Japan found that drinking just two cups of traditional Chinese tea every day increases the body's fat burning processes.

"Like all teas, oolong contains caffeine, which affects energy metabolism by increasing heart rate. However, studies suggest that tea consumption may also increase fat burning, despite the effects of caffeine," he said in a statement. statement study author, Professor Kumpei Tokuyama.

What else did the researchers discover after studying the participants in this study for two weeks? Oolong tea which is not fully considered a green or black tea, given that it exhibits the characteristics of both increases fat burning by 20%.

An even more impressive finding is that the positive effects of oolong tea on the body were lasting overnight.

Moreover, there were no noticeable changes in either group's sleep patterns, not even the time it took them to sleep, despite the fact that both treatments included caffeine.

Lack of sleep can also disrupt energy metabolism a set of processes that the body uses to break down food and use it as energy that can cause weight gain over time. However, oolong did not give any negative effect on participants' sleep.

Professor Tokuyama says that while oolong burns fat during sleep it can help control body weight, but it is unclear whether these effects will actually lead to fat loss over an extended period of time.

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