Is inflammation of the tongue a possible new symptom of coronavirus?

Is inflammation of the tongue a possible new symptom of coronavirus?

It is called "Covid tongue", and is a symptom that consists of inflammation of the tongue, and that can actually cause ulcers, swelling and occasionally white spots. This is what emerged from an analysis by Royal College London.

According to her, 21 percent of coronavirus-positive patients are using the Covid Symptom Study app, in which millions of people in the UK can report various signs of infection and thus help researchers identify the most common ones. .

Dermatological symptoms were reported among them. And among these, there is also glossitis, a technical term denoting an inflammation of the tongue, which until now was considered a fairly rare symptom. The one who talked about this phenomenon on Twitter was Tim Spector, an epidemiologist at Royal College London, to make us better understand what it is, posted a picture of the so-called "Covid language", adding how this symptom has been reported by an increasing number of patients who have been found to be affected by coronavirus.

"One in five people with Covid-19 have less common symptoms, which are not included in the official list made public by public health institutions in England, such as skin rashes. We are currently seeing an increasing number of cases of "Covid tongue" and strange mouth ulcers. Therefore, if you have strange symptoms or even just a headache and fatigue, stay home! ”- said Spector in his post.

That patients with coronavirus positive can also develop skin symptoms, or rather redness, is nothing new. In fact, there are more and more studies showing how these skin rashes take a wide variety of forms: from those similar to urticaria, to those of the reticular network, to the already famous rashes similar to burns on the fingers. feet and hands.

However, it is still unclear whether these rashes are actually caused by the coronavirus and its complications, or are due to other factors, such as drug reactions or co-infections, caused by other infectious diseases. "The Covid language," says Spector, can usually be linked to a range of diseases. But it is now being reported as a symptom that accompanies the new coronavirus, and that can last for weeks or months.

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