Veliaj-Kryemadhit: Telling people to stay in a building that can collapse is stupid and irresponsible

Veliaj-Kryemadhit: Telling people to stay in a building that can collapse is

The Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, considers criminal the calls of Monika Kryemadhi to Kombinat and other representatives of the opposition, who ask the citizens to live in the apartments damaged by the earthquake, endangering their lives. While calling for non-politicization of infrastructure projects, the mayor assured the residents of Kombinat about the compensation.

"When I saw yesterday, the houses in Kombinat were also being politicized. How can there be politicians, or politicians, who are so irresponsible as to tell people you do not have to run away from your homes when the engineer has signed that they are uninhabitable. We live in Tirana, everything is fine, but as long as we explain to people that until the day they receive the key to the new apartment they do not move from the bonus list and will continue to stay in a rented house undamaged. Of course, when the campaign approaches, the collective amazement of politicians who could not do anything, but when the campaign comes, they try to provoke in every human sentiment. You need to talk to people calmly. The rent bonus goes on until you get the new apartment, but God forbid we encourage people to stay in damaged homes, which engineers have certified as out-of-use homes. "Telling people to stay in a palace that can collapse, so that I can catch two headlines in the daily news, is completely irresponsible", said Veliaj.